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March 30 2016


Exitus Lifestyle Review

Exitus Lifestyle
One extremely effective yet low-cost marketing strategy that you could employ in growing your business is to form alliance partnerships with non-competitive businesses absolutely need area. These can be firms that complement your business offerings or services yet they may not be in direct competition along.

The first step is to glance at the customer base that they serve. If their usage and your customer base are certainly and the same and have a large overlap, then you have identified a complementary business. For instance a hairdresser looking to target complementary businesses could look at photographers, wedding gown specialists, make-up and beauty businesses, clothing retailers, etc.

* You'll want to identify as precisely that you can the characteristics of your common customers for example their age, where they live, their income and spending habits. Begin with your own (good) customer profile

* Decide which of the local the lenders you believe serve this subscriber base

* Prioritize each of these businesses (1,2,3) based on which one represents the top synergy with your business.

* Approach these businesses either via letter or personally to sound the business owners.

Now obviously, not all business owners which you approach to offer this arrangement to will probably be open to it. But say away from six that you approach probably two or three will see the possible and come on board. Here are the hairdresser for instance. She may run a tournament with the first prize as being a complete makeover.

The makeover include a new hair style, fresh clothes outfit, make up, and to top it all off a glamour photo from the photographer. This photograph with an advertorial (jointly funded by every business involved) could be featured in the local paper or used on flyers, brochures etc.

That one competition becomes a forum for all businesses to promote and highlight their professional services and products. This is an effective and low-cost online marketing strategy. Some pointers for successful alliances:

* Start slowly and build the relationship with your new alliance partners

* Draft a casual agreement on paper in regards to what is expected from the alliance

* Create an agreed schedule of marketing activities, commencing with the exchange of business cards to get displayed in each businesses premises

* Progress to sharing the expense of vouchers that feature all the alliance businesses

* Test the potency of your marketing efforts (is there a return on investment?)

Don't underestimate the power of this simple marketing strategy. If you are in a business that has a lot of competition (hairdressers) then forming alliances and networks along with other non-competitive businesses effectively increases your subscriber base. It will also put you ahead of your competition.

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